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Some Important Facts

Water can take the shape of anything and when used properly, it can be created into a masterpiece. Water has always been the indisputable winner, but then soft drinks came into the picture, which took away the steam and limelight from water. soft drinks were and are still consumed by people of all ages and its lovers only seem to be increasing day by day. It is sweet and contains flavours which are for all your moods and occasions, adding to its popularity. 

  • It’s summertime - A time for happiness and fun in the sun. A time to blow off steam and sweat with. soft drinks. A time to beat the heat with just the perfect. soft drinks partner – Festa. The drink is here to give you the ultimate experience of taste and energy.
    The world is filled with different flavours and we have paved the way by extracting them and bringing it closer to your doorstep. You are closer to the taste of purity and happiness with the availability of Festa in numerous tastes, textures, and aromas. Festa is a promise to enchant and ensnare your senses with the best available to us..

  • Festa offers you just what you need to refresh and boost your energy. These are best for all with the sole purpose of fulfilling your thirst and taste buds. They are the best soft drinks in Africa, flavourful and thirst-quenching.
    As the World grows, it needs change with items that keep the mind and body refreshed. We know how the human mind and body works and how it craves something new now and then. For the restless and endearing souls, We have developed the soft drinks in flavors (Ananas, Cola, Grenadine, Orange, Ananas, Lemon, Tangawisi) that you would want to try and get your hands on. These soft drinks are made for you! So, wait no more, let your thirst find its way to your Festa.

A table, a chair, a soft drinks and a violin are kept near you, but what you need to be happy? Obviously, a soft drinks to boost your mood. We have worked towards achieving that goal for you and we have been successful in sending robust thoughts and soft drinks your way.

  • We have categorised the soft drinks as per your tastes

    So, we have categorised the soft drinks (Ananas, Cola, Grenadine, Orange, Ananas, Lemon, Tangawisi) as per your tastes. So, all you need to do is get on and try them out. Let your thirst get the best of it. Every moment spent with Festa soft drinks is a taste sensation filled with happiness and joy. Celebrate your delight with Festa and let it be a part of your life. Trying too hard to achieve something, but still failed, drink up Festa and get just the energy to try again and again. Festa is there for you in all your endeavours and happiness and all you need is to let it be a part of your life.

    Festa has a unique identity and over the years has managed to gain the trust of people. With so many products, our appeal has increased, regardless of who they and what they are thirsty for. We have a flavour for everyone’s liking and taste buds! 

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  • Festa has been in the market since 2016

    Festa has been in the market since 2016 and has been reigning the market of soft drinks in Kinshasa, DR Congo, Africa and among the hearts of people. Festa is a product of Swissta, the no.1 mineral water brand in Kinshasa, DR Congo, Africa.
    We are available for you on social media and always ready to address your problems and grievances. You will find our presence on every social media which is only increasing day by day.
    What are you waiting for, choose among the flavours and ignite the flame of living a flavourful life and choosing the best!

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