Our History

Launched in 2016, Festa has grown to be one of the leading brands in soft drinks in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We offer a rich range of flavors that has captivated consumers. Our product range include Festa Grenadine, Festa Orange, FestaAnanas, Festa Cola, FestaTangawizi, and Festa Lemon. Constantly striving for excellence has enabled us to innovate the manner in which we package our products and deliver the best tasting products to consumers.

Every moment shared with a bottle of Festa is of joy and happiness. While maintaining the highest levels of quality, our consumers are able to see our passion for the products we offer through each sip they take. Professionalism is a driving force in our brand, that continues to make our brand and distribution better and stronger.

We believe very strongly in our responsibility towards our customers and the society as a whole. By engaging in many Corporate Social Responsibility projects, we hope to make the society in which we work a better place for all. We take it upon ourselves, as a responsibility, to make sure that we impact as many lives as we can.

In a constantly evolving market, Festa has continued to provide excellent products and services to our customers, giving our consumers what they want, when they want.